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Myths About Mold

Throughout our nearly 200 years of combined construction experience, our Pro Service Builders team has accumulated a lot of knowledge regarding mold– what it is, where it comes from and how to mitigate it. We’ve learned a lot. On the flip side though, we’ve also learned a lot about what people think they know about mold, and we’re here to set the record straight.

Myth #1: I can kill mold with bleach.

This is both a myth that is true and one that is “Myth Busters” worthy. Although bleach can, in fact, kill certain types of mold on certain types of surfaces; research hasn’t yet confirmed that it can be used to fight all forms. Further, it should be noted that both the EPA and OSHA don’t recommend using bleach to “kill” this quickly-growing grime, as it poses its own health risks.

Myth #2: Mold is an equal health risk to everyone.

Is mold dangerous? Yes! 100%. But just like with any allergy, some people are more sensitive to this grimy germ than others. According to Web MD, symptoms can range from sneezing to asthma attacks, so if you question the health risk, ease your qualms by contacting us.

Myth #3: If I clean the mold off, I’m safe.

Since mold is a replicating fungus, simply scrubbing it away won’t be the end of your troubles– especially if it found a home on an absorbent material such as ceiling tiles or carpet. It should also be noted that rubbing mold away spreads spores into the air, increasing your property’s risk.

Myth #4: If I don’t see mold, it’s not there.

This is an incorrect thought right off the bat because mold is all around us all the time. Before you reach for the rubber gloves or hazmat suit though, hear this– that’s ok. It’s only when the problem escalates that there should be cause for concern.

That being said, visual cues aren’t the only way to spot mold mayhem. Musty smells, persistent physical symptoms and signs of water intrusion often occur first. So remember, if your paint looks discolored or your walls are bulging, you could need an optometry appointment– or it could be signs of mold.

Myth #5: Mold Remediation is easy.

Now that you know the truth behind myths 1-4, you likely already know our answer to this. Sure, small quantities of toilet ring mold are simple. If your problem is on a grander scale though, only the pros can properly mitigate mold. And with a commercial general contractor’s license, an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and the driving principle to leave every home or business in better shape than it was pre-damage; who’s more “pro” than Pro Service Builders?