Water & Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

Little Rock Christian

Little Rock Christian Academy is one of the largest private schools in Arkansas. A significant wind storm left a gaping hole in the roofline of the administrative building, and a large tree cut the fiber cables. They lost internet access, crippling everything from student enrollment and tuition payment to employee payroll and classroom activities.

Pro Service Builders makes every effort to minimize the impact of a disaster on our clients' business and daily lives. Our first step was to minimize disruption to school activities and provide temporary internet access for the school and make sure school administrators could continue working. 

The closest working internet source was the gym across the street. We worked with the cable contracting company to run temporary fiber cables above the road and into the school building. 

Throughout the Little Rock Christian Academy rebuild project, our contractors relied heavily on our expertise dealing with insurance companies, and wherever possible deliver improvements to the buildings we work on beyond just restoring their previous facility. Thanks to Pro Service Builders' experience handling insurance claims, we completely replaced their fiber cable infrastructure without any additional charge to the school.

The next step in the restoration process was to address the severely damaged roof and facade of the administrative building. Our contractors determined that the facade was too old and damaged. We could not merely patch the front of the building. 

In working closely with school leaders, Pro Service Builders learned that the school desperately needed more space in their administrative offices that were located in the damaged area of the building. Our team presented various restoration options, including simply repairing the damage or expanding the existing space.

The storm handed Little Rock Christian Academy lemons in the form of severe damage to their building. They chose to make lemonade and take the opportunity to expand the administrative offices. Our contractors added much-needed workspace, repaired the roof, and replaced the damaged building facade.


Pro Service Builders Expertise Saved Little Rock Christian Academy Time and Money

Pro Service Builders worked with school leaders and the insurance companies throughout the project to minimize stress, keep the school running, and help Little Rock Christian Academy stretch their insurance dollars to restore and make necessary improvements to their school. 

With the help of our commercial restoration experts, the insurance company covered the entire cost of replacing and upgrading the fiber network on their campus. Our team worked with the school's budget to minimize out-of-pocket expenses while enhancing the office space. 

Throughout the project, our goal was to meet the current needs of the school instead of merely returning things to their previous condition. We worked closely with school leaders to help them make necessary upgrades while staying within their budget. 


Pro Service Builders Minimized Disruptions To The School Year

Pro Service Builders values restoring people's lives and property. Our team works tirelessly to look after the best interests of our customers and help you invest your money wisely.

Our project managers helped Little Rock Christian School understand their options and select the ones that best fit their unique needs. Throughout the reconstruction, our team worked tirelessly to ensure Little Rock Christian Academy's school year and activities continued as usual.

We had major wind damage on our campus that left a gaping hole in the roofline of our business office. Pro Service Builders responded rapidly allowing the business operation to continue without interruption of the service we provide to our families. They were helpful in assisting in the processing of our insurance claim with the complete restoration and remodeling of our business office. We appreciate the partnership established with Pro Service Builders.

-  Jim Fink, Little Rock Christian Academy, Chief Financial Officer