Water & Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

Central Church of Christ

In 2017, the Central Church of Christ suffered a terrible fire on Easter Sunday. It severely damaged about 30,000 square feet in three of the church’s buildings.

Our team of experts immediately sprung into action to protect the rest of the property, prevent injuries, and begin the restoration process.

The gym and educational facilities suffered the most significant damage. Our team quickly secured the site, shored up the buckled steel walls, prevented the roof from caving in further, and began cleaning the ash and burnt debris.

Pro Service Builders worked with the church leaders, insurance companies, and city officials to help set goals for the restoration process. We provided insight and guidance to help the church create a plan to rebuild the damaged areas in a practical, budget-friendly way.

The Central Church of Christ building had had many years of additions, upgrades, renovations, and repairs layered one on top of the next. The restoration project demanded additional expertise in restoring older buildings with a long history of upgrades.

This is a common issue for church renovation and restoration projects. Many churches add wings and other buildings around their original sanctuary over time as their congregation grows and evolves.

Our first challenge was figuring out how to separate the damaged wings from the central building, so the church could continue using as much of the space as was safely possible. The Pro Service Builders team worked with city officials to cordon off the education wing and provide a certificate of occupancy for the central building. This way, the church could continue their regular services during the reconstruction.

The first phase of the restoration project was to repair and replace the damaged air conditioning systems, lights, and wiring in the education wing. Upon investigation, we discovered the electrical wiring was outdated and in bad condition, primarily due to age and various renovation projects over the years. Pro Service Builders worked with the insurance company and church leaders to minimize out-of-pocket expenses while still completing all the necessary electrical upgrades and repairs to the wiring.

When we completed the restoration in the education wing, our team moved on to the gym, which sustained far more damage. The team uncovered severe smoke damage behind the 4-inch plaster walls. The fire and smoke damage were so extensive that it required almost a complete gutting and restoration.

Pro Service Builders Expertise Saved Central Christian Church Time and Money

An advantage of working with Pro Service Builders is our ability to recommend upgrades that will save you money and ensure the renovated space meets your current needs.

Thanks to our experience managing complex projects, we stayed on time and under budget. We saved Central Church of Christ over $1 million and completing the restoration project in just a year and a half (about a year faster than other contractors predicted).

Throughout the project, our goal was to meet the current needs of the church and make upgrades wherever possible. We worked closely with church leaders to help them prioritize where to invest in upgrades and where to do basic restorations.

The Pro Service Difference

Pro Service Builders values restoring people’s lives and property. We believe that people are more important than profits. Our team works tirelessly to look after the best interests of our customers and help you invest your money wisely.

Our project managers will help you understand all your options and select the ones that best fit your unique needs. We also go to great lengths to help you resume normal life as quickly as possible. Whether that means bringing in temporary work facilities or adjusting to meet your unique schedule demands, Pro Service Builders work with you every step of the way.

We were so thankful to have Pro Service Builders on our side when our buildings suffered severe fire damage. Their team went above and beyond, helping with the insurance claims, advising us on the best way to restore our buildings to suit our budget and current needs, and making sure we could keep as much of our normal lives as possible throughout the process. - Wade Poe, Directional Minister, Central Church of Christ