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Commercial General Contractor

Are you considering expanding, upgrading, or renovating your commercial property? Whether you own a medical center, school, or another type of business, Pro Service Builders has decades of experience as a commercial general contractor overseeing construction and restoration projects of every shape and size. A commercial builder offers a full range of services throughout the construction process, from design through project completion.

A commercial general contractor oversees and manages all aspects of the construction project. They lead the team of workers and trade experts, ensuring every aspect of the project is done correctly.

Pro Service Builders Commercial General Contractor Services and Responsibilities

Before the construction project begins, a Pro Service Builders project manager will visit your commercial property to discuss your needs and wants, and assess your building. They will make recommendations and work with you to create a project plan and provide a cost estimate on your commercial build.

Once the construction is underway, our commercial general contractors provide all our workers with the materials and equipment to complete the job. We work with vendors and suppliers to find the right materials to meet your unique needs at the best price.

Our project managers serve as the liaison between our client (the property owner) and the various trade experts (engineers, architects, woodworkers, roofers, etc.). We strive to keep every project on time and on budget.

Every commercial build project requires a lot of permits, paperwork, and record-keeping. Pro Service Builders offer decades of experience working with insurance companies and ensuring all our projects have the proper inspections and paperwork.

When your project is finished, our team will clean the job site so you can enjoy your beautiful new space.

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Whether you are planning to build an addition onto your existing commercial building, renovate your current space, or update your lobby, Pro Service Builders will deliver beautiful craftsmanship, reliable work, and customer-centered service. We strive to keep every project on schedule and on budget, and our team will advocate for your needs and wants every step of the way.

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