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Emmanuel Episcopal Church - Lake Village, AR

Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Lake Village, Arkansas, was badly damaged by fire after lightning struck the building. The church is nearly 60 years old, and the chapel had unique laminated wood arches and tongue-in-groove decking. In our restoration, we completely replaced the chapel’s roof, building new arches and taking pains to preserve the historic look of the building. We worked with a glass maker in Mississippi to restore 16-20 stained glass windows that were around 150 years old and replace the windows that were destroyed. We also restored the building’s large historic wooden doors.


Saline Heart Group - Benton, AR

Saline Heart Group is a heart clinic located in Benton, Arkansas. We were able to help the Saline Heart Group renovate the second floor of their building and turn it into a wellness center. To make that happen, we installed an elevator as well as a new staircase to gain access to the second floor. We also added some new exam rooms and did a lot of paint work.


Riceland Foods - Stuttgart, AR

We renovated the kitchen in Riceland Foods' executive suite. The original kitchen was 1950s era, and we converted it into a modern kitchen. The project took about 3 weeks, starting right after the company’s Christmas party and finishing just before New Year's.


Hodge Orthodontics - Little Rock, AR

To help launch a local orthodontics practice, we converted a former bank branch built in the 1980s into Hodge Orthodontics, on Kavanaugh Boulevard in the historic Hillcrest neighborhood of Little Rock. Taking about 3 months to complete we delivered a modern, open and beautiful waiting and treatment area transformation


Tempered Glass Installation - Little Rock, AR

Clear panels help curb virus transmission

Pro Service Builders recently installed clear tempered glass protectors at Baptist Health Neurology Outpatient Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas. The installations help protect staff and patients from Covid-19 transmission while keeping the clinic open.

With professionally installed tempered glass sneeze-guard coverings, clients get a lasting, protective barrier to help curb virus transmission. This involves the panels being mounted to walls — not simply framed and haphazardly put together.

In a time of great nervousness and change, we’re happy to help this vital medical practice stay open while helping to protect patients and staff members.

Pro Service Builders proudly serves businesses throughout Arkansas and the surrounding states. Contact us today to learn more and to schedule a free consultation.

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