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5 Steps to Restore a Property After Storm Damage

Storms can be severe and dangerous; having to deal with the damages is overwhelming. If you know what to expect, you’ll be more prepared to restore your property after storm damage. Below we have listed five steps that can help ease the process:

Step One: Security Is First

If there’s severe damage, move out. Personal belongings can be replaced; staying can be very dangerous. After a strong storm, there might be weak points and materials that can fall off and hurt yourself.

If you feel a weird smell like gas, especially get out of the house too.

Step Two: Contact Your Insurance Company

The sooner you get in contact with your insurance company, the better. You’ll need to review with them the policies and verify the extension of what is covered. 

You will most likely be one of many other people making claims. If you wait, the process will take longer. 

Step Three: Inspect & Secure Your Property

Contact a local reputable restoration contractor, preferably, with enough experience and expertise to inspect your home first and secure it.

The contractor should check the entire property, look for weak points, leaks, flooding, etc. Document it all so it can then you can present it to the insurance company before starting the repairs.

Step Four: Check Electrical System

Make sure you hire a certified electrician, don’t just go for the cheapest option you find, but be confident that he has experience in storm damage. A lousy job can bring more failures in the electrical system. 

Step Five: Hire Local Storm Damage Restoration Services

Find and hire a local company to restore your property after storm damage. Preferably one that offers full services, including inspection, cleaning, mitigation and remediation of hazards, and construction build-up.

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