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Flood Damage Restoration – Little Rock, AR

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In the spring of 2019, devastating floods hit the Arkansas River and rolled through the Little Rock area. We were called to work on several houses in the area as the unprecedented flooding presented severe and dangerous issues for houses flooded during this time. 

This particular house, near Two Rivers Park in west Little Rock, had water at least a 12-foot rise from normal levels. This brought water up to nearly to the bottom of the deck. Debris such as massive logs and rocks washed up throughout the yard and house. 

Our Process and Our Impact

A key part of every home flooding restoration project — beyond overall cleaning and drying — is mediation around the hazardous nature of the water that floods. Many times in flooding, hazardous materials — such as biohazards and dirty water — that is part of the damage that must be mediated, or cleaned up before any restoration can begin.

Our goal in working on this project - once mediated and rendered safe - was to provide extra comfort, accessibility and function for the homeowner. We wanted to "build it back better."

Our team built a new, expanded garage with improved drainage, as well as removal of all the flooding debris that littered the property. 

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Interior Build Back after Water Damage 

Beyond the water damage restoration needed from the flood, we were also able to help this client by significantly expanding their interior space and remodeling some existing place. 

This included adding a very functional, highly accessible in-laws suite.

Amenities included a very spacious bathroom and closet, a mini-kitchen, fully accessible walkways throughout, and ramps.

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Full Kitchen Remodeling 

Prior to the floods, this client had been considering remodeling and updating their main kitchen.

As a part of our work we were able to also deliver a fully remodeled and updated kitchen with highly functional and accessible pantry space, and detailed cabinetry we are especially proud of. 

Home Restoration Little Rock AR

When life happens to your house, give us a call and we’ll be on-site fast and make sure your house gets built back quickly and safely!

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