Water & Fire Damage Restoration Contractor

The Case for Hiring a Disaster Restoration Company

Whether it be a storm, fire, water or flood; most disasters are caught red-handed. That’s not to say there’s any less of a crime scene though! Although you may not need to call in the FBI for this case, that doesn’t mean you should tackle the repair on your own. Why? Here are the cold, hard facts:



The longer it takes for your damage to be put behind bars and remediated; the worse it can become. That’s not all though. As the severity of your damage worsens, so do your odds of ever being able to save your belongings. With a verdict like that, you want to be sure your job is taken care of the right way and right away. Disaster restoration professionals have access to equipment that’s not usually accessible to the general public. With vacuums that suction better, disinfectants than sanitize better and dehumidifiers that not only remove humidity but take the extra step to suck moisture right out of your belongings; experts have the equipment to ensure your property is back to normal in no time.


Comprehensive Detection:

When it comes to property damage, there’s no such thing as “innocent until proven guilty.” Just because you no longer see damage, don’t assume it’s not there. Specifically, water and it’s partner in crime, mold, can flow through tiny crevices, and in some cases, soak into solid materials unnoticed. Professionals know the ins and outs on following damage to its source and making sure that not an ounce– or in this case, a drop– of damage can be on the lam.



Like we mentioned previously, when it comes to disaster recovery, time is of the essence. Every hour that your property remains damaged, is another hour that your doors are closed. That means, not only are you left trying to bail out your property damage, but you’re also sentenced with loss of productivity and, most importantly to business owners, loss of funds. By hiring trained professionals to quickly handle the scene of the crime, you can do more than save your business’ property– you can save your business too. At Pro Service Builders, we understand that damage to your office doesn’t always wait until “office hours” to occur. That’s why we don’t wait either! We stay on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ready to serve you.



Disaster restoration is tough work that takes serious know-how for even the bravest and most handy of business owners. When you hire the pros, you can be assured that they have the proper training to tackle your task. And with a company that’s fully licensed, bonded and insured, boasts a commercial contractor’s license and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau; who’s more pro than Pro Service Builders?


Reducing Costs and Time:

When you call pros to the case, more specifically, Pro Service Builders, you’re hiring a turnkey solution to your damage. Instead of holding your own funds (and time) hostage by taking on the responsibilities of insurance negotiation, mover hiring, piece by piece damage reparation and more; you only have one task–contacting us.


Whether Mother Nature’s lightning struck damage to your company or your property’s mischief is more manmade, the verdict is simple– put Pro Service Builders on the case. From disaster restoration to general construction build back, contact us today for help. And stay tuned over the next few months as we spotlight some of our most “criminal” cases here on the blog.