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How to Renovate a House After Fire Damage

A fire can be very traumatic, even when you or your beloved ones haven’t suffered injuries. Seeing the place you have worked so hard for with damages, is traumatic and devastating enough.  

Renovating your house after fire damage is an essential task. The fire could have damaged the foundations and other vital parts of the house’s structure and released numerous substances from the different burned materials that can be toxic and dangerous when exposed to them, such as heavy metals, methane, sulfur dioxide, and carbon monoxide.

The quicker you take care of the damage, the fewer consequences there will be, and the more natural the restoration process can be. We have collected five steps you can follow to make the restoration process less complicated to overcome.

5 Steps for Fire Damage Restoration 

Step One: Get An Assesment

Many fire damage restoration contractors offer inspections and assessments as part of their services in Little Rock. Make sure you contact someone with enough experience and knowledge to identify damages and know how to treat bio-hazards.

A Structural Engineer would be ideal for inspecting the property and outlining the repairs. The restoration contractor usually also has a group of licensed electricians and carpenters they work with that specialize in fire damage.

Step Two: Call Your Insurance Company

Once you have a better idea of the damages and the needed repairs, it’s time to call your insurance company. Some people may recommend calling the insurance company first, which is also an option. Still, we like to support the structural assessment first as, on many occasions, we have seen that some insurance companies have special arrangements with some contractors for their prices and not necessarily their work quality.

Also, the sooner you initiate the claims process, the better. 

Step Three: Take Care Of The Structure First

Even before the cleaning starts, taking care of the structure is essential to ensure everyone’s safety. An experienced contractor will know how to prioritize the repairs and secure the areas that need to wait.

Step Four: Take Care Of The Electrical System

During most fire events, the electrical system suffers damages even when the walls look good and don’t seem to be significant damages. Make sure you get the entire electrical system inspected and repaired with a licensed electrician, a lousy work could even lead to a second fire.

Step Five: Cleaning & Remediation

It’s preferred to get the same restoration contractor for the cleanup and remediation too. This way, as they repair and clean, they can also take care of any identified bio-hazards as mold or even substances released during the fire.

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