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New Year’s Safety Resolutions

The countdown is on to the New Year, and while many are busy planning their health, finance or job-related resolutions, our team at Pro Service Builders is here to help you– and your home– stay safe in the meantime. Before and after the ball drops, keep these fire safety tips in mind to make sure your 2019 party is memorable for the right reasons.


The Decorations

According to the National Fire Protection Association, New Year’s Day, Christmas and New Year’s Eve top the list as the three biggest days for candle fires to damage the home. Don’t add to that statistic! Put candles where they can be seen, but make sure that they aren’t surrounded by anything burnable and that they’re out of the “line of fire” (pun intended) of potentially being knocked over by New Year’s well-wishers. Then, once the clock has struck midnight and you sleepily head to bed, don’t forget to blow them out. Or better yet, opt for flameless, electric candles. They have all the ambiance of a real fire, with none of the dangers.


The Party

You may be dawning your party hat and 2019-shaped glasses, but don’t slack on safety just yet. Be certain that, even with people coming in and out of your kitchen, cooking food is never left unattended and fire extinguishers are always nearby. And if you’re opting to warm up the party with space heaters instead of central heat, keep them at least three feet away from curtains, rugs, furniture and of course, your party guests.


The Show

If you plan on starting 2019 with a literal bang, exercise caution! Do some prep work beforehand by reading warning labels and preparing your outdoor space. Make sure that fireworks are able to be safely shot in the open, away from anything that could catch fire (i.e. buildings, vehicles and woodpiles). Set them off on non-flammable, flat ground with children and pets at a safe distance. And of course, don’t drink before performing pyrotechnics and only use them outdoors– trust us!


Whether you’re celebrating New Year’s Eve with a handful of your closest friends or you’re packing your home full, a fire alarm is not the way the new year should be rung in. Practice these safety tips, and if you need help, call in the pros. Our team of professionals is fully licensed, bonded and insured and have been Arkansas’s choice in restoration contractors since 2014.