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5 Water Damage Threats & How to Prevent Them

Usually, when business owners think of “water damage,” they conjure up images of 24/7 winds, torrential downpours and city-wide storms. While those can certainly leave you with plenty of water damage, human error and faulty appliances can too. Learn our top five water damage threats and how you can prevent them below.



Restaurant owners, beware. From water heaters to dishwashers, if your facility has appliances that use filters, water or tubes to operate, damage is an ever-present threat to your commercial space. And if those appliances fail after working hours when nobody is around? Mondays will be harder than ever. Avoid damage on Mondays and everyday by scheduling regular maintenance, re-caulking regularly and keeping an eye on potential concerns such as rust, cracks or bulges. As a bonus tip: Don’t always trust the manufacturer’s suggested timetable for replacing hoses. They’re cheap, and could save you from damage that isn’t!


Pipes and Plumbing

It should come as no surprise that your pipes and plumbing are high on the list of water damage offenders. After all, your plumbing system alone carries hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each day! Since you want to keep those gallons out of your commercial property, look for outward signs of inner problems like stains, rust, cracks, bulges and of course, larger-than-normal water bills. Take prevention a step further by safeguarding your commercial pipes the way you would your residential ones– insulate them during cold weather to avoid bursts.


Malfunctioning Sprinklers

Sprinklers are a necessity if you ever suffer from a fire emergency, but they can also be the cause of a whole different emergency if not properly maintained. Outdated sprinklers have been known to turn on even if there’s no fire present, damaging inventory, assets and productivity.


Roof Damage

As the object that bears the brunt of storms, it’s no surprise that faulty roofs are one of the leading causes of water damage each year. Keep yours safe with clean gutters, sealed flashing and annual roof inspections. And remember– a minor leak could quickly result in major damage.


Mother Nature

Last but certainly not least, natural disasters can do damage faster than most of the above points could ever hope to. Unfortunately, we don’t have a plan for controlling the weather, but we can help you control how ready you are for it. Thoroughly research the ins and outs of your insurance coverage, and plan ahead by using the Pro Service Builders safety plan.


Don’t let the risks of water damage dampen your spirits. Be prepared with professional support from Pro Service Builders. From negotiating with your insurance company to help you get the best settlement possible, to moving out your furniture, equipment and valuables to a secure storage facility; we offer complete disaster restoration so that you can get back to business in no time.